Marian Y. Woods Co-author of “Black Women Speak

Marian Y. Woods is Co-author of “Black Women Speak: It’s Time We Tell Our Stories”.

She is featured in the chapter titled, “All things Work Together”.


The Black Women Speak is now a movement now a movement

There has never been a more powerful time in our history to hear the voices of Black women who have their own stories to tell than NOW. It is time for significant and sustainable change.

The Black Women Speak is now a movement. This movement includes Black women coming together in sisterhood, influence, and global impact as they share their vulnerable stories of change, hurt, struggle, setback, triumph, victory, and success for their personal life and business.

Black Women Speak: It’s Time We Tell Our Stories is the first-ever historical book in the year 2020 bringing together the stories of 15 amazing Black women in sisterhood. Women brought together from various parts of the country and different socio-economic backgrounds. The stories in Black Women Speak share real-life experiences offering readers a sense of hope, healing, optimism, and transformation at a time when the world needs it most. Black Women Speak guarantees to inspire and uplift other women while educating the world about us and who we are because our lives truly do matter.

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