Whether you are preparing for the onboarding phase of your next opportunity, planning for a new year, or working to reinvent yourself the first 100 days are critical.  Statistics show that 70 percent of new executives who fail in their roles do so because they neglected to plan for success.  Perhaps one of the most effective tools of empowerment is the development of a 100-Day Action Plan.


The action plan serves as a roadmap for success and is comprised of specific mile markers.  In essence, the action plan takes the first 100 days of a targeted time period and breaks them into manageable moments.  These moments are SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time driven) objectives relevant to the burning imperatives at hand.  The first 100 represents the 90-day-window in which these objectives will be strategized, executed, and accomplished – plus a 10-day transition period enacting movement from the old and into the new.


The plan is a basic table with at least four columns.  The columns encompass various components including action steps, initiatives/activities, resources, and timeline.  The action step column outlines three to five burning imperatives or key areas of focus during this time period.  The initiatives/activities column outlines the major tasks that must be completed to drive success.  The resources column identifies the key stakeholders or others who must be involved in order to meet the objectives associated with the burning imperative.  The timeline outlines the time period in which the action step and related activities will be worked and completed.  Together these components make up a blueprint for the fulfillment of a well-planned strategy and roadmap.


It is never too late to make the first impression.  Before you embark upon your next level career opportunity, the next quarter of your current business endeavor, or the effort to rebrand yourself, take charge of your performance by planning your work and working your 100-Day Action Plan.


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