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Transformation Professionals Elevating People, Integrating Human Capital, Returning Investments that Propel.
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Propel My Business
As a human capital consulting firm, we provide strategic guidance, executive coaching, and comprehensive human resource management solutions.
Propel Our Culture & Diversity
We work with companies to develop comprehensive Diversity, Equity, Equality, and Inclusion programs driving cultural transformation.
Propel On Purpose
We provide customized Executive Coaching, as well as Leadership and Employee Development programs to ensure that your employees propel purposefully.
Propel My Mind
We offer a comprehensive Total Wellness solution for a healthy workforce which ultimately enhances the employee experience.

What do we do?

Human Capital – Maximize Return & Minimize Risk

Propel Enterprises, LLC is a human capital consulting firm. We work with companies of all sizes, specializing in small to mid-size organizations, facilitating needs assessments whereby we help our clients identify human resource management deficiencies. We then development a plan of action and facilitate a customized prescription for remediation. Our unique approach fosters holistic growth inciting a positive impact on productivity and profitability.


Propel My Business


Propel on Purpose


Propel My Mind


Propel Our Culture

Value Proposition

Custom-Tailored Human Capital Related Services

Our consulting services are not rooted in simply mitigating human resource services, we begin with a comprehensive understanding of the business and its strategic priorities. Once we have a keen understanding of the business, and its internal and external customers, we begin the work to transform the Human Capital aspect of the business to be the change the organization wants to see. We align the human resource management practices with the requirements of the organization. Additionally, we ensure that employees have the knowledge and skills to ensure linkage to the organization’s value Essentially, establishing the framework for your human capital to be a solid source of your sustainable competitive advantage.

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HR and Cultural Transformation

Experts in providing HR Strategy, HR Operations, Workforce Planning and Analysis, and Total Rewards consulting and transformation services

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Marian Y. Woods, MBA.

Founder & CEO

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Propel Enterprises

Marian Y. Woods, MBA is a global corporate executive with more than thirty years of business experience specializing in human resource management, leadership development and business transformation. She worked as a senior level human resources professional for such Fortune 500 companies as AT&T and Verizon.

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