Professional Services

Professional Services

Comprehensive HR Management, Diversity, Equity/Equality, and Inclusion (DEI), Talent Development, and Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Propel Publishing

Propel Publishing

“Black Women Speak: It’s Time We Tell Our Stories”, a book co-authored by Marian Y. Woods, brings together the stories of 15 amazing Black women in sisterhood.
Propel Productions

Propel Productions

Executive Producer of the Propel Leadership Development Summit (Propel LDS) for Women and the Venus & Mars Summit (VMS) for Couples.
You don’t build a business – you build people – and then people build your business.Zig Ziglar

Propel Enterprises, LLC is a human capital consulting firm. We work with companies of all sizes, specializing in small to mid-size organizations.

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Human Resource Management


Why Choose Propel Enterprises LLC

We take the data from thorough gap analysis and in-depth needs assessments to help our clients identify human resource management deficiencies. We then develop a plan of action and facilitate a customized prescription for remediation.

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

Human Capital Consulting Firm

Human Capital Consulting Firm

Our unique intensive approach fosters holistic growth, inciting a substantial and positive impact on productivity and profitability.


Propel Your Team
Propel Your Business

We offer various services, including HR Management consulting and professional support, Diversity, Equity/Equality, and Inclusion (DEI) development, Talent Development, Employee and Labor Relations management, and an a la carte Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

DEI Initiatives

Diversity, Equity, Equality, and Inclusion (DEI) Enhancements

HR Management

Human Resource Management and Cultural Transformation

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We offer comprehensive solutions, strategic guidance, and customized coaching.

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    100% SUCCESS

    100% SUCCESS

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    We Choose a Human Resources

    We have our special functions are add to a business. We feel that this special functions is part of HR its piece of the success business.

    Compensation Consulting

    Compensation Consulting are always help for a companies marketing, customer growths.

    Leadership Training

    The Leadership Training are always help for a companies marketing, customer growths.

    Corporated Programs

    The Corporated Programs are always help for a companies marketing, customer growths.

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    We are committed to working with our clients to cultivate positive outcomes and collaborate on solutions that drive RESULTS.


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