Propel on Purpose

What Is Our Priority

People Development

We are committed to the growth of your most valued asset, your people.  Talent development is a critical component of the employee life cycle and will result in increased productivity and profitability of your organization.  We provide customized Executive Coaching, as well as Leadership and Employee Development programs to ensure that your employees propel purposefully.  In addition to our traditional and customized training programs; our services include succession planning complete with a strategy for development of high-potential development employees.

Fourfold Cornerstone of Productive Existence™

Holistic Life and Leadership Development Training & Conference Series

Audacity Coaching Program

Executive and Life Coaching services providing individual development in a one-on-one setting

Soft Skills Development

Including communication, teamwork, problem-solving, interpersonal, and time management

Succession Planning

Full cycle plan development to employee development, to implementation strategy

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